Children Hypertension, Effect From Excessive Energy Drinks Consumption

Children Hypertension, Effect From Excessive Energy Drinks Consumption

Children Hypertension, Effect From Excessive Energy Drinks Consumption

Energy drink does look refreshing. Many children and adults who love energy drink. But be careful, the caffeine inside on it is harmful to your health. And this can affect children hypertension.Most of the energy drinks on the market contain high caffeine. It is a diuretic, which causes high levels in urination, so it would endanger the health of children. If your child consume this drink in large quantities, they were threatened with dehydration, then made children hypertension, so that was said FOXNews. This drink apparently had the same caffeine content caffeine in a cup of coffee. That had not realize, these drinks actually contain about two to three servings of caffeine higher. Not only are high in caffeine, energy drinks are also high in sugar and herbal stimulants. Research shows that children who consume large amounts of caffeine prior to his move can lead to high blood pressure. "Energy drinks are not safe and do not increase any performance", said Robert Tozzi, chief of pediatric cardiology at Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey. Water is the best fluid you can consume. Another alternative is fruit juice or vegetable juice is fresh. "You can eat the orange juice, for example, to replace the fluids in the body, grapefruit juice can increase blood flow to the muscles, it can not be done by energy drinks", added the doctor Tozzi .apexatropin

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Children Hypertension, Effect From Excessive Energy Drinks Consumption

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