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Hair Loss  Hair  Loss  Nutrition

Hair Loss Nutrition Hair Loss Nutrition-Reverse Hair Loss with Simple Nutritional Supplements and Foods

Question by aviator: hair loss/nutrition….?When do you lose your hair? Is it from not eating or eating too little? What are  the minimum number of calories someone should eat.

Eating to little or nothing.. you’re not getting enough nutrients to keep your body looking nice and healthy, you’re going to notice it in your skin and nails soon

Girls  don’t starve yourself! Eat 1500 calories a day.. just exercise it off! It“s

Add your own answer in the comments!so easy and you’ll stay looking your age. Not 40 when you’re 20! I’m serious.. stay healthy

Question by swtxgoodbai: hair loss Nutrition?Can hair loss be a sign of poor nutrition and poor meal schedules? What is the average hair loss for a female adult per day?  Is it possible that hair tied too tight might cause this? Or is hair loss (at the root) a sign related to the internal?

Answer by Tracy CHair loss is a sign you are lacking vitamins in your diet, but has nothing to do with meal schedules. It’s a 100 strands per day and wearing your hair really tight pulls on the hair and it breaks off and ends on the floor.

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